The Winding Path – 079

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2014-07-19 11:21

(Responding to a Blog post about the flood of children illegally entering the United States from the south.)

I’ve read through most of the comments so far. Didn’t see any mention of the part that we in the U.S. play in keeping the drug cartels in business.

It’s time to put some shame on users of cocaine. All we do is arrest people. We need to help them see the harm that their lack of awareness causes.

Like our devastation of the environment, the world we live in can only take so much.

Glossing over the root cause of the problem, inevitably yields the results that we see now.

There is one root cause. Lack of Awareness is our primal sin, and we waste so much time obsessing over the effects of it. And those get worse every season.

2014-07-20 09:41

Asemodeus – “You don’t need to appeal to any divinity to understand Newton’s mathematics and physics. Because such appeals do not add to our understanding, they merely slow us down.”

Yes, but then you have limited yourself to only understanding mathematics and physics.

Ruling out Gnosis just means you have turned a blind eye to our full potential. Content to collect shiny baubles on the beach.

This indeed “slow[s] us down”.

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