The Winding Path – 077

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2014-07-02 11:32

brmckay – “If you wish to identify with the relative and perishable self, ignoring the eternal, it is ok. But not necessary. Much of our lives are lived on autopilot. But that doesn’t sum things up.”

Maine_Skeptic  – “You’re responding to something different than what I said. My point is that we should NOT let living our lives on autopilot sum things up. If someone is ‘steering the ship,’ there should be evidence of that. Instead, the evidence suggests collective sleepwalking, and we as individuals have to wake up from the illusion that making our societies work is “somebody else’s problem.”

Thanks, sorry. I always sound like I’m arguing.

I’m just emphasizing the potential of that awakening. Evolution makes no sense without the impulse to do so.

However, the nature of the awakened one, is not summed up by the relative powers of the individual.

I used the phrase; “That nature, non-different from absolute infinitude.”

This, instead of the word God. But that is just for your sake.

The collective is connected through the stillpoint of singularity.

What evidence is required?

If “moths and rust” have incapacitated “Christianity“, then by all means abandon it.

The Truth is Eternal. Our comings and goings, a dance upon it’s surface.

2014-07-02 14:39

 brmckay – “I always sound like I’m arguing.”

Maine_Skeptic – “Not arguing, exactly, though I’m not sure what it sounds like you ARE doing. A mix of prophesying and poetry, maybe? :^)

Given that communication doesn’t usually go well when people are speaking different languages, I’m curious about your approach. It almost seems like you’ve got a Hare Krishna sensibility, as if saying the words will have an impact on the listener, even though they don’t know what the words mean.”

You are right. The older I get the more faith, and therefor effort, I put into the art. It’s as much for me as for anybody else.

Talking to/from the Right Hemisphere. Usually after labyrinthine mazes on the Left are navigated first.

Perhaps I’ll call it prayer. At least in private.

Thanks for the Hare Krishna reference. Though my main influence is Patanjali, and they wouldn’t necessarily cut me any slack for that. Good food though.

2014-07-05 11:45

Mike Barnhart responding to allegro63 – “But progressives do throw out the parts they dislike, yes? Not an attacking or baiting question, but an honest one.”

allegro63 – “So do traditionalists. EVERYONE picks and chooses which parts of the Bible they are going to adhere to, which they feel apply to someone other than themselves, which no longer applies to anyone, and which part they are going to carefully ‘forget‘ to read. To deny that they do, means a bit of dishonesty is going on.”

Reading scripture with the intention of cultivating inspiration is an art.

Through inspiration we gain an increasingly accurate perception of the Divine Oneness that is God.

We pick and choose differently each time we sit down to contemplate. The art of it, is in our openness to being guided by innate Truth. The hidden hand of God.

Rule mongers like Mike Barnhart are speed bumps on the way to heaven. We will just have to sail over them on the wings of Grace.

Perhaps in our passing by, they may be dislodged, at least briefly, from their entrenchment.

Possibly even getting over the foolish rule, that God cannot be known.

2014-07-05 12:01

(Pinging Mike Barnhart by responding to his reply to allego63)

Mike, I don’t know if you are still allowed to comment, but perhaps you will receive a notice of this reply.

I have annotated allegro63’s comment and have chosen to use your name to represent a class of religionist thinker that in my opinion, impedes the process of enlightenment. Both for the individual, and for community.

Just thought you should be aware of what was said.

2014-07-05 12:28

(Responding to John Shore’s article chastising Progressive Christian Pastors who don’t let their congregations know.)

People who aren’t deranged, but live in fear of those who are, cause untold suffering. Just look at the Islamic world for an example, of what not standing up leads to.

To all those who know better, but only teach the watered down version, shame on you. Time is short and the journey is long.

2014-07-05 13:12

Bones responding to Mike Barnhart – “I KNOW that Christians are more hung up on what a sin is than God is.”

Not really “what a sin is“, but what behavior is on THE LIST.

Some remedial education on what “sin” is, would be a good thing.

Starting with, what makes any attitude or action problematic?

As you infer; “problematic” is not God’s problem. But rather, what makes it difficult for Me, to understand, the one thing that needs understanding?

I and the Father are One.

This replaces THE LIST, with a simple formula. Carried in the HEART.

Alms and Patronage

If this work seems good to you, and you are able.  Thank you.



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