The Winding Path – 076

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(Addressing various comments found on the The Clergy Project blog at Patheos.)

2014-07-01 10:17

(Resonding to a comment by Preston.)

The problem of course was taking metaphor literally and not knowing that you were doing so.

Your interest in God was something entirely different than what would yield results.


Carrying the same tendencies forward into a reason bound life will just repeat the exercise.

The pendulum swings past the center. But wait! What can the center teach that we have so far ignored?

Each iteration improves the possibilities but only if we stay alert with hopeful hearts.

Teaching Godlessness is not helpful if the people you are teaching just parrot what they think you have said.

Same as before.

2014-07-01 10:34

(Resonding to a comment by Preston.)

You touch the Truth, and know it, because of the freedom you experience. But be careful. Building new walls of dogma around that freedom will kill it.

Perhaps replacing Godless with dietyless would open up even wider horizons.

The great question “Who am I?” is deceptively simple. Who owns this new freedom?

If you say, and actually believe, “I do” then you are no less a “myth” than your previous christian self.

2014-07-01 10:57

Dan Barker – “Yes, I think we all find different metaphors and analogies useful in describing our dynamic experiences of growth. Douglas Hofstadter thinks ALL thought is metaphor, since all we do is build models in our brains (minds). I don’t know about that, but it certainly seems natural to use words like “enlightenment” when it comes to growing up and discarding pretense. A lot of the former ministers in the Clergy Project talk like that.”

Enlightenment is the process whereby the relative and finite awareness reconciles with absolute and infinite primordial Awareness.

Self without Other.

Stopping the process short, just means you want to rest on the journey home. Explore a bit, take in the sights. Pleasant and unpleasant.

I’m using analogies, but reality remains untouched.

Human beings are still half baked. This is a helpful metaphor.

2014-07-01 11:13

(jim thomas responding to Kent Truesdale)

“Kent, in one sense I agree with you — there are so many flavors of Christianity, with a wide spread at that, it is dangerous to generalize about all Christians.

All the same, anyone who believes that God created 100 billion galaxies, each with 100 billion stars and personally cares about you and listens (and even sometimes answers) your prayers … well … I’d say that is pretty damn presumptuous and self centered.”

I will suggest that you rework your understanding about just how these 100 billion galaxies exist.

The nature of existence and the potential to exist.

Dismissing God because of a stunted conceptualization of “Creation”, is indeed presumptuous.

As for “prayer”, what is the source of the one who prays?

When I intend to move from point A to point B. How does this happen?

2014-07-01 11:35

(Responding to a comment by Maine_Skeptic)

“No one steering the ship.” But evolution proceeding in a stew of relative and complementary polarities. Obeying nature.

That nature, non-different from absolute infinitude.

The law of Self discovery. Everything purposeful to the extent that the point may seem mute.

If you wish to identify with the relative and perishable self, ignoring the eternal, it is ok. But not necessary. Much of our lives are lived on autopilot. But that doesn’t sum things up.

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