The Winding Path – 075

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2014-06-26 09:24

troymo – “.. and surely the best way to eliminate our need for oil is to use the cheapest most efficient energies available; in order to maintain the strongest, most functional, economy possible; thereby allowing us to care for and educate as many as possible; allowing us to produce and innovate to the best of our ability.

Keep energy cheap, keep the economy strong, tax subsidies for those companies investing in innovation of clean renewables.”

But…how is keeping the status quo healthy, going to generate moral, sane and holistic motivation?

To me, the revelations provided by this video sting, indicates how deeply, self serving predation runs.

Unconscious foundation of Lizard brains.

Echos of “Mutually Assured Destruction”.

2014-06-27 10:06

No, I wasn’t suggesting that you thought the status quo was best. I understand what you are saying but, as always, am plagued by the awareness of “something missing” in the dominant worldview.

We are stuck with fossil fuels because of the inertia of past choices. We are also stuck with certain characteristic limitations of our species to go along with our special talents.

Without an overriding conscious decision to change directions, and do things “right”, we will reach only stalemate as vested interests compete for control of the market. That being the root paradigm. And, like the villains in the video, subversion of integrity is not off the table, as long as it leverages things their way.

Leaving it to market forces, without the application of a guiding wisdom, will reproduce the same old same old.

My reference to “Mutually Assured Destruction” still seems to be an adequate analogy.

Like nuclear weaponry. Fracking just seems morally wrong to some of us. If only because the water used by the process, is being “permanently’ isolated from the eco system and exchanged for previously sequestered carbon.

Human beings need to get a grip on their ambitions and appetites, until they understand the bigger picture.

2014-06-28 09:17

troymo – “Yes you make great points …. unfortunately, I’m not sure ‘human nature‘ allows for the ‘controlled appetites‘ you speak of. Certainly our economies do not – markets being a measure of human behavior.

We depend on markets same as markets depend on us. And so, as they go we go… a conundrum for sure.”

Best we can do I suppose, is to help cultivate an appetite for understanding. Trusting to the power of truth to override the baser influences.

Thanks for your and your readers’ parts in that.

2014-06-29 09:41

(Note: This blog is part of the Clergy Project and was about a Humanist Community formed to give disaffected Christians a place to go on Sundays.)

Maine_Skeptic – “The ‘tribalism‘ accusation seems to be popping up a lot lately, and it’s irritatingly simplistic. It’s one thing to be more loyal to a gang or tribe than one’s principles, but the idea that gathering together equates to tribalism is ridiculous. Human beings are collaborative by nature.”

It becomes tribalism when the group identity relies on periodic sessions of ridicule. If a scapegoat is required; i.e. believers in fairy tales, unicorns, gods or God, then there is nothing of value in the collaboration.

Nothing new to learn. Just more of “us and them”.

If, on the other hand, people are getting together to examine reality from an unencumbered and dogma free vantage point, I’d say it could be helpful.

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