The Winding Path – 071

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(From a blog talking about talking in tongues)

2014-06-07 11:07

allegro63 – “That has been my experience as well. If one person uses particular phrases, everyone will, and it becomes a cacophony of phrases in group settings.”

BarbaraR responding to allegro63 – “Why would that happen? I mean, my initial thought is “mass hysteria” but I’m trying to leave that out of the equation and see if there’s legitimacy here.”

A communal experience of an altered state is a very common and helpful initiation. Sets us on the path. Confirms and validates what was once faith.


Getting attached to any aspect will inhibit it’s evolution. Adding layers of interpretation, ritually re-enacting. The Great Mystery will remain unknown. Only hinted at.

(Responding to the original blog essay.)

2014-06-07 11:32

Some reading into the phenomena of Savant Syndrome will surely open our eyes to the possibility. But, like rose colored glasses, our habits and expectations will color the experience.

For me, God is a given. I want to know what that means. Getting stuck in opinions will only prevent it.

2014-06-07 11:53

aspekx – “whether it’s because of god is an entirely different question.”

There is only God. But, people want a storyline. Millennia pass as we creep towards understanding the utter simplicity of it.

2014-06-10 09:37

(Responding to a blog essay on “Secular Christianity” at a site dedicated to Christian clergy who have become Atheists.  In re-reading this I’m inclined to feel it is probably overly blunt to the point of being mean.)

Fascinating and frustrating reading through all this.

One of the few moments of real insight was the quote from Einstein in Melissa Mills’ comment below.

Actually, her whole comment was what I call the “good stuff”. The kind of thing people should go to clergy for. Wisdom

But instead we get big buildings, funny hats, crusades and painfully crippling politics.

And now…

The same people who have made their livings bolstering primitive and simple minded caricatures of God, have doubts? Halleluyah!

But the conclusion is godlessness?

“Secular Christian” is no more or less coherent than “Christian”. Why continue beating the poor horse?

Let us clear our minds and stop grasping at certainties. The infinite, miraculous Here and Now is what it’s about. The Truth resonates as Eternity in the most mundane moments of it.

The Carpenter surely knew this.

2014-06-12 12:05

Kevin Osborne – “While I do not believe in food, I value the ceremonial side of the supper table. Service utensils intended, not for the fabrication of eating, but to be waved about over empty dinner plates, fruit saucers, cups, bowls, serving trays, rice pots and other paraphernalia related to the mythology of consumption, can be important for purposes of nostalgic remembrance.”

Beautiful funny! But possible troll. Mustn’t feed.

(Note: There is a backstory to this.  I “know” Kevin and really just wanted to acknowledge how succinct, brilliant and worthy his comment is.  It has been hard to draw people into discussion lately.)

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