The Winding Path – 070

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2014-05-25 09:53

Gideon – “… or maybe I read it somewhere, that in retrospect the absence of a Higher Power is a compliment. It means that humans were responsible all along—both the individual and their supporters.”

What is served by obfuscation?  That is, after all, what unmitigated humans specialize in.

Why shouldn’t we call the ineffable hand of the teacher “Higher Power”, Guru, God, Buddha nature, or Allah?

Learning discernment; Learning what helps and what hinders. This is possible but not guaranteed. What guides the process? What gets ignored or distorted when it runs off the rails?

Alignment with redemptive Truth can be our intention, or a mere side effect. Is it really nothing special?

We choose. Since we are the source, the dilemma and the result.

2014-05-31 08:19

Guest – “Liberal Christians are 90% of the atheist ideal (basically all the actions, some of the thoughts), and yet still the constant drum beat of ‘delusional’ this and ‘crutch’ that. It’s exhausting for everybody.”

(Note: The following response has been edited to address atheists in a more general sense than originally.   The author of the comment that prompted the response, let me know that I had misunderstood it’s emphasis.  The original communication can still be found at the link above.  And is continued here.)

What are they assuming to be delusional?

Creative engagement with metaphor quickens and illuminates the full range of experience.

The universe having manifested human beings looks upon it’s own self through our eyes. Our imaginings, opening door upon door.

It is only attachment and fear that puts twists and tangles in the journey.

2014-06-01 09:45

(Note: The  blog that this, and some of the following comments are drawn from, is dedicated to Christian ministers who have become atheists.)

Mr. Two – “But I only briefly considered liberal Christianity, because I couldn’t justify belief in any of the Bible knowing that the first part was clearly mythology. After all, how was I to know at what point it became real?


But consider that all phenomena is symbolic. That is reality.

Understanding is what matters. That is a lifetime’s work. Getting the hang of not judging, trusting, letting go, never assuming that the question has been answered. Always new.

Genesis is as relevant as the cross. But the conclusions drawn, create entanglements. The degree anybody, clergy or congregation, clings to the rightness of ideas, is the degree of sorrow and pain.

The whole world works this way. But there is plenty for the shepherd to do. The wisdom of enlightenment still calls to the lambs.

2014-06-04 19:45

 brmckay – “Genesis is as relevant as the cross.”

Mr. Two – “Exactly. This is what made me realize that none of it is real, none of it worth pursuing. Morality must be sought through understanding, through thought, and through wisdom acquired through years of consideration of humanity and our place on this planet. If there is any relevancy in the Bible, it is in the knowledge that those people were trying to figure it out, but that they were way off the mark.”

Is “Morality” the goal, or is it a side effect of authenticity?

Or, perhaps the means. Clearing the path. But towards what?

Is there intuition of enlightenment?

Is there curiosity?

2014-06-01 09:55

skeptimal – “…it was Bible study that unraveled Christianity for me. Doctrinal conflicts, I could have probably chalked up to nuances and cultural differences, but the factual self-contradictions were too significant to gloss over.”

Time to let go of the Bible then. Contemplation of God does not require such a flimsy interface. Whoever the carpenter was, it would be my guess that he didn’t thumb through the pages of a book for confirmation.


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