The Winding Path – 065

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2014-04-20 19:57

(Responding to a post by John Shore.)

Ishvara, unencumbered by karma. Knower, known and knowing.

Avatar. Incarnation of God. Because we need it to resolve our doubt.

Pole star of the soul.

2014-04-20 20:10

(Responding to ortcutt who was responding to the post by John Shore)

When you contemplate the nature of God, what faculties do you engage for the best results?

2014-04-21 09:18

ortcutt – “Senses, statistics, reason, etc…. The usuals.”

Statistics is new to me in this context. It would be interesting to see some examples of it’s application.

Can I assume that “etc…. The usuals.” includes imagination, inspiration, intuition, hopes, dreams, love, etc.?

And then of course, the advanced list:  being, self, and awareness.

2014-04-20 20:28

(Responding to ortcutt)

Given a limited (or at least so it seems), amount of time, what do you want to invest it in?

Moths and rust are great teachers. But once the lesson is learned, what next?

2014-04-21 10:40

Tim Wilcox – ” Therefore, Jesus is no more divine than you or I and he did not intend for us to believe that we are any less divine than he was. With this in mind, if you are still going to claim that Jesus is God, then you would have to claim that we ALL are God, or at least a part of Him.”

God is All. Therefor what you say starts to be true. But I find it unsatisfactory.

I would go further. There is only one Self. The I AM. What we experience as ourselves (complete with hopes, fears, desires, sorrows, genetic lineage, history, birth and death) is the echo of that primordial awareness of being. Fractalized infinitely within it’s own self.

God is us. But then what?

Christ is the knowing it to be so. No ownership, no separation.

Certainly not pretending to divinity.

2014-04-21 11:18

Jill – “My excessively idealized notion is that religion would bring humanity closer together, not divide us so bitterly.”

I think that there is no getting around the individual journey of it all. It is nice to have others with whom to share the snapshots with, but ultimately we are alone. As is God. As was Jesus on the cross.

And yet… aloneness is the whole story. Once ego is seen for what it is.

2014-04-21 15:57

(Responding to Jill)

Various forms of inertia?

Competition, predation. dominance and submission?

Karma ripening?

Otherness in general?

Gain and loss?

I am often afraid.

But who is it that suffers? Who dies?

Who am I? Who is it that asks the question?

I am grateful for the times that I’m not so much a part of the problem, and hope to get better at it. But even that is ego, speculating on it’s virtues.

What a great wonder True Awakening must be! But even this thought casts a shadow.

I hope your friend is ok no matter what.

2014-04-21 16:28

(Responding to Jill)

There is the absolute and there is the relative version of aloneness to consider.

The relative type is by it’s nature, suffering. This is our cross.

The absolute singularity, has no other. It is Love.


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