The Winding Path – 064

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2014-04-18 10:36

(Responding to blog post by godschildren58)

Despite the fact that you have used your friends life and death to make a point for the Christian allegory, you seem to redeem the situation with the following comment.

godschildren58 – ”Did Allen make it into heaven some many ask. Nobody knows but God, and this is why we are never to pass judgement on others, for Only God knows what it is their heart and what events took place before death took them.”

But then you lead the witness with the following.

“My question to you is this, “Who was right and who was wrong? All I can say to you is yes, it is a tragedy. What profits a man if he gains the whole world only to lose his soul? “

To me it seems that you have done a disservice to the memory of your friend.

Allen’s sense for God was not known to you and possibly not to himself, but what is this demon business?

I will ask; “What is a demon?”  Where does it come from? What sustains it?

2014-04-18 19:11

godschildren58 – ”It is better to disserve a friend so that others will learn rather than have others make the same mistakes.”

So you actually have determined that he was wrong without knowing his heart or God’s determination?

”Just as Judas was `Tagged` so are there many millions of others.”

It always seemed to me, that Judas was chosen to betray him. Somebody had to do it.

 “God is true and does not change His Laws. Throughout the Bible when people Sinned, God said the wicked shall die young and those who keep His law shall live a long and full life.”

So, the reward of virtue is to live a long life?

”Sin is separation from God. . .so every Human born is born into Sin.”

Even though we are advised to become innocent like children?

” I did not make the Rules nor God’s Laws. . .”

Why are they to be thought of as rules rather than the natural relationship of cause and effect?

”I’m only the messenger.”

Is this a self proclaimed status? Are there checks and balances?

” I have seen death and those who where taken before their time should have.”

Before their time?

”Demons are fallen Angels who `in my terms` thought they didn’t need God to exist just like man is doing today.”

I find that the sin of “separation from God” is the problem. This is a fundamental error of identity. In Truth we can not possibly exist without God. So our “sin” is actually the utter ignorance of non-separateness.

This would go for Demons as well.

In cases where people cling to atheism and reject god/s it is actually the various ideas of god that they reject. Finding them absurd. But, ideas about God are only ideas. God is a given. God is all. We are not separate but only think in those terms.

”When you don’t depend on God for your existence you are in ‘Sin’.”

Again, we are ignorant of God as the entirety. Thinking that creation is somehow outside and God is looking in. God is existence. Man acts out of a dream. The result is pain and suffering and the fear of death.

Jesus demonstrated that death is not real.

”This is why Jesus said you can not serve God and Money (Government has made mankind slaves to the system) for their existence.”

“Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.”

”Demons were created by God and just like Demons God sets the Laws and Rules. Break the laws and there is a price to pay. Man has a `Free Will` step out of the light and Satan and his demons will `Tag` you.”

Why? Makes no sense.

We live in confusion and that confusion can be overcome. The reward is knowing the Truth; that God is all. The pain of relative existence is only a dream. And ask yourself, who is it that in Truth, is having that dream?

”Just as they did to the Apostles. Jesus forewarned Simon to Pray always for Satan wanted him. . .Step out the light and you will be `Tagged` just as they were.”

This type of god that you serve, has a shadow called Satan?

”Pray always as Jesus taught us to do.”

Yes, let’s do that.


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