The Winding Path – 063

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2014-04-17 11:46

(Responding to Matthew Dancz)

The atheists that I have encountered usually seem to be rationalizing around an emotional reaction.

Banning theological enquiry leaves a person stunted and sophomoric. This condition has it’s twin in the rigid and didactic crustacean we know as the fundamentalist.

A human being may be the pinnacle of evolution, or not. This depends entirely on inspiration. Through faith, reason or experience.

Born and sustained in infinite potential, the singularity; best known as God. We are not different or separate from this. How can it be otherwise?

2014-04-17 08:48

(Kevin Osborne responding to Matthew Dancz)

“Ascribing an all-knowing feature to science is as arbitrary as any so called religious notion. Not only is no one individual aware of all science but earthly observational science as a class is a bit short on complete knowledge of everything.
So to believe in “science” is to believe, gosh, what you want to believe. What is the difference between that and the cauldron of evil bubbly you call religion, without apparently differentiating among the bubbles?
Be willing to see everything as it is and you will see more. That seems obvious, even scientific.”


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