The Winding Path – 062

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2014-04-11 11:14

 Ford1968 – “But can we see God in the face of those who perpetuate it?”

On occasion I remember this too. To not forget it is my hope.

Just recognizing that it is the Truth is it’s own proof.

“My inability to do that is a moral failure which, I believe, is an affront to Christ.”

I prefer not to think so much in terms of “moral failure” or “affront to Christ”. But rather, just not yet Christ. Since trying to please, or live up to an external and separate God, reinforces the very habits that keep it so.

2014-04-15 08:50

Albert Swanson – “If you are so eager to toss out the bible why would you even believe in Jesus at all? Most of the people on this site seem to really pick and choose with the bible, like its a buffet or something. You can have a little of this but you don’t need this. Until the chef comes up and says you have to take the whole thing and then your response is `forget it! I don’t want any of it then!`”

They’re Christians, not Biblists.

If one has the connection, then that is the authority.

2014-04-15 10:35

Albert Swanson – “I’m merely trying to help supposed Christians on their walk.”

And who do you suppose is trying to help you?

“I have many mentors in my life who are always leading and helping me and I am very thankful to have them.”

And so, you also pick and choose.


2014-04-15 08:58

 Albert Swanson – “Again your trying to set terms for God.”

And this is somehow different than restricting God to a few scraps of paper to explain things?

“What else do we have to go by… oh your feelings right?”

Christ is nothing if not knowable.

But then I should elaborate a bit.

Knower and what is known. Not different. Just like God.

Not a deity! But the nature of Infinitude.

How will your book show you this?

2014-04-15 09:52

allegro63 – “Everyone interprets scripture as best they can, unless we allow others to do that for us.”

Yes! Not even their own finger pointing at the Moon. Another layer of abstraction. A Digression. A Golden Calf.

2014-04-15 14:58

allegro63 – “Scripture can be a good place to start for all this, but to me, its just a starting point. When I decided to set the book down, and look beyond ancient writings about the divine, that is when true wonder began.”

And yet they weren’t always ancient.

Much like these pages once.

Ordinary, simple and familiar.

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