The Winding Path – 060

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2014-03-29 11:25

(Responding to James_Jarvis)

Hell is a work in process.

Oil spills, war, genocide, internet squabbles.

Nuclear holocaust. Recombinant genetics.

Eternity, is this moment; The here and now.

If we do not awake to the understanding, that our self is not a separate thing from the One Self, then our actions perpetuate the selfish, agenda driven, fear of dying self.

Just because somebody redacted reincarnation from the bible, doesn’t mean we don’t have to live in the mess we create.

2014-03-29 11:48

(Continuation of response to James_Jarvis)

As for Free Will:

As we are not separate from God. In fact, identical with God; As Jesus has shown. Then whatever mess we make, God suffers as well.

The Love of God must be something other than a love for you or for me. That kind of love requires a possible absence of it. The kind of love God usually gets from us.

Free Will is like that too. As infinite potentiality; Not subject to time; God, as the all, the entirety; Does not know what happens next; Except but through us.

2014-03-29 12:15

Grotoff – “There’s nothing logically stopping him from sending 7+ billion avatars of himself to walk among us and talk with us.”

7+ billion is a tiny finite number.

The grace of the Guru is infinite. (Oops, sorry “Holy Ghost”)

“If the alternative is billions in eternal hellfire, then why isn’t [he?] doing anything?”

Free will. The very nature of relativity. We must definitely resolve the part we play in keeping it so.

2014-03-30 09:10

Grotoff – “That’s just ridiculous. “

If your gripe is with YAHWEH, ok, but I prefer to go to the source myself. I want to actually understand. Not dictate terms.

Infinities of numbers are only relative infinities.

Absolute Infinitude, not having an antithesis, is a better place to start.

“… and it just doesn’t make sense for him to be hiding.”

If there is nothing that is not God, where is there to hide?

The intimacy that you seek is the whole story. Your sense of self is not what it seems. Think about it.

2014-03-30 09:33

Tracy – “I guess people have always accepted from that scripture that ‘God knows all things, and that he knows the beginning from the end’ to mean that he knows all things, from beginning to end 🙂 I don’t think it means what we have thought it meant.”

Scripture serves it’s purpose only up to a point.

The rest of the journey is a surrender to Grace.

It doesn’t happen if we have to check the rule book first.

2014-03-31 10:43

 Grotoff – “I’m pretty sure that Orthodox Christianity would never claim that ‘there is nothing that is not God’.”

To the best of my understanding, that is why your complaints seem unanswered.

Perpetuating a dualistic and anthropomorphic visualization of God keeps us bound to original sin.

To the degree that it insists on limiting God to a shadow casting, and therefore finite version of deity; outside of ourselves, Christianity fails to get Jesus as Christ.

That’s all I’m saying.

“Are you saying that he is both rape and charity? Blackholes and quarks? Such a postulate simply doesn’t interest me. I have no reason to care about an unmoved movers such as that.”

Nothing unmoved or unmoving about it.

However, not being interested, is a valid response. I definitely want to respect it. Please remind me if I forget.

2014-03-31 11:14

Kevin Osborne – “I suspect we are all selfish, which is the point of existence here. Vot you tink?”

The Definition of Samsara.


The inertia of self interest is

The impulse of evolution.

Oscillating habitually in fixed orbit,

For eons of time.



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