The Winding Path – 059

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2014-03-25 11:55

Brent Stanfield – “You may have to walk me through this a little more thoroughly. Isn’t illusion falsehood? Isn’t falsehood truly separate from the truth? You will need to expand on your concepts a bit more. They seem to esoteric to understand. Are they based on scripture? Or are they your philosophical musings?”

What you call falsehood, in this case, is the confusion of identity. It is like a dream.

Any degree of falseness in our experience, has it’s complementary opposite in a truth.

But the Truth of God has no opposite. No theology worth it’s salt ignores this.

2014-03-26 07:22

Brent Stanfield – “If the circumstances already existed then everybody would repent and believe.”

I’m not sure why that would be the case. Our dilemma as humans is very much rooted in this aspect of God that is aware of otherness.  The echo of the primordial I AM. The beginning of creation.

To end our dilemma would mean ending Creation. No otherness to confuse us. Probably not even possible for God.

The fact that you think in terms of Hell and Heaven means you don’t think this is the case either

I would say that Hell is a work in progress.  The results of our actions and thoughts. We become more and more trapped and impoverished in the world that we destroy out of ignorance.

It is God that suffers in ego bound darkness. It is God that finds the way back into the Light.

One Self.  Never lost to begin with.

Is’nt this what the life of Jesus demonstrates?

“Are you a buddhist?”

Not much into religion per se.

2014-03-27 09:52

Brent Stanfield – “You seem to be speaking in riddles. Fine, if confusion of identity is like a a dream; a dream is not reality. Falsehood is not truth. Confusion is not clarity.”

Falsehood is not the Truth of God. Falsehood is the opposite of truth. Are you saying that there is no falsehood? You are not being clear.”

Perhaps you could just assume that I am speaking clearly about a familiar topic; Just from another angle and with a different emphasis.

Knowing what is wrong with us, is the path to freedom. How else can we recognize the shepherd come to guide us home.

This is what I would call turning towards God.

The Falsehood that you stress, is the veil of illusion to me.

I of course, do not advocate remaining under the influence of illusion.

The more I “get” that my sense of self is not the property of some co-existent other sense of self, the more clearly I see the nature of God behind and through all experience.

This is the why of Love and Forgiveness.

2014-03-27 11:04

Brent Stanfield – “We are separated by God to the extent we are not virtuous.”

What is virtue? What is the lack of virtue?

Is the lack of virtue what you call horribleness?

What aspect of this virtue/horribleness dyad is so key to God that all of relative existence hinges on it?

What is the root of virtue? Of horribleness?

“The redemption of Christ is Christ bearing the punishment for our horribleness so that we do not have too.”

This is strong medicine. But still, we must accept the medicine for it to work. Does accepting the medicine make us virtuous and therefore free from punishment; no matter what?

Or, and this is important, by accepting the medicine, do we now know that we and God are one?

“The ‘Self of God’ is not ‘our self’. That would be a truly horrible thing. Are you God or am I? If you and I are on a plane together and it begins to crash, who do I pray too for deliverance? You or myself?”

I wasn’t going to address this because it casts such an absurd meaning to my words. However, it does demonstrate nicely how the images in the hall of mirrors process their reality while under the influence of their dreams.

Does Jesus mean to keep Christhood for himself?

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