The Winding Path – 056

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2014-02-28 12:13

brmckay – Direct experience is the fidelity that I refer to. This is “Our original face before our parents met”, “Tao”, “Christ”, “Buddha nature”.

adam – Which direct experience are you talking about.
Consciousness or the Shamanic Experience?
Or perhaps just emotional?

The process is a continuum until it’s not.

If there is a residue of egoic attachment, there will be a shadow of otherness.

With otherness there is experience. The play of Karma. Relativity.

At every stage, including writing in this blog, there is the potential to serve the process of evolution.

Evolution in the sense of Self Discovery; Enlightenment.

There is also the opportunity to slip back into a static orbit around the familiar turf of the personal.

For some this may be love, for others the wonders of quantum mechanics.

No problems except for the need to master cause and effect.

However, don’t forget, it is an enquiry into the infinitude of singularity using the only means available. Our own being.

2014-02-28 18:51

adam – This is all chemical in nature and can be induced chemically or physically.

I knew you were going to say that. Not sure why it matters.

Think more archetypally.

Look for underlying structure and universal principles.

2014-03-01 10:28

adam – Why think more archetypically?

Who is it that experiences the experience?

What is the prototype of Self?

Is Self awareness a universal principle?

The underlying structure is the brain, it’s chemical makeup at the time, the individuals cultural experience, expectation and state of mind at the time.

Is the brain and it’s temporal state not a component of Universe?

If there are universal principles it would seem to be that these experiences are available to all and we should be discussing this in context, not be wielded as a tool of political power

Good points.

Just as not all are made for the life of a “scientist”, most are not dedicated to “Enlightenment”.

So there is no shortage of human endeavor to amuse and frighten us.

The wheel will continue to be turned until it isn’t.

2014-03-02 09:23

(adam’s response)

“What is the prototype of Self?

Is Self awareness a universal principle?”

THAT is the problem, isn’t it.

The Self as a part of the universe or subservient to ‘authority’?

Isn’t it the ‘church’ who tries to redefine Self as part of their political party?

“Just as not all are made for the life of a “scientist”, most are not dedicated to “Enlightenment” .
That is because truly, one depends on the other.
Otherwise the churches and charlatans use it to deceive and bilk the masses.

Regarding Self; My inspiration has gravitated towards One Self, echoed throughout the hall of mirrors.

If I claim ownership, then I am part of the dilemma. My actions reinforcing the same confusion in others.

Issues of authority and politics, as part of that situation, are increasingly taken with a grain of salt.


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