The Winding Path – 054

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2014-02-18 19:30

(responding to Matthew Alton)

Whatever it is that you specialize in, it does not seem to protect you from arrogance.

Also, you continue to fixate on religion, without understanding that “religion” does not equate to “God”.

Will you burn books, and erase history?

Once your friends, and what youth you manage to derail or reroute, are running things, will they euthanize the malingering fetishists?

Who will tell the Hopi that their dances do not hold the universe together?

Why does it not occur to you that your asperger’s may leave you short on compassion, empathy and imagination? Unable to pursue higher forms of theological exploration?

Or is it such a useful trait, that there are plans in place to start selecting for it?

What the world needs, is a renaissance of enlightened comprehension, not a wasteland of facts.

Religion informed by science. Not foolishly replaced by it.

Is string theory yesterdays news? Shouldn’t you wait for the whole story to unfold?

2014-02-21 07:52

(responding to Matthew Alton)

“Religion is an insult to human dignity – Steven Weinberg.”

Only the degraded examples that you are reacting to.

The Hopi have no power, exert no influence, and seem to do no real evil. I say leave them alone.

But what about their “dignity”?

I specialize in tormenting addle-brained mystics, pseudo-intellectuals, and theological obscurantists. These people make religion look respectable to the shallow public. I feel that they should be held accountable.

No offense taken.

I agree in principle to the desirability of a renaissance of enlightened comprehension. How on earth, though, is religion supposed to help us in this pursuit?

None of the “Paths” in your litany are examples of the comprehension that I refer to. Your list is an extreme subset of “religions”. The behaviors represent corruption and ignorance. (more accurate labels than the misuse of the term “religion”)

“Religion learns nothing. It is malignant.”

(Not worth commenting on.)

I have great confidence in the ability of the universe to provide us with endless chapters in the Great Story. I hope the whole story will never unfold. I hope it goes on forever. I share your distaste for stale facts. Let’s have new mysteries to investigate.

If only this was the lead in to your essays. It is what I mean by “religion informed by science”.

You are not an atheist; or if so, it is not really the motivation of the writings presented here. You are an antitheist and this is all politics.

Politics is the root of delusion.


(responding to Matthew Alton)

Philosophy or not, it arises from the same impulse as all religion. However, like every phenomena in the universe, it is subject to evolutionary pressures. Being of the realm of mind; these pressures include reason, intuition, imagination, emotion, sensory awareness, memory, desire. In other words, the entire human being.

The word Universe means the totality. We don’t get to declare what that means. To set limits based on our personal inclination, just limits what we will know.

First rule is that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Emergence.

I call it God because that is what my ancestors called it. Imperfect approximation is the name of the game at all stages. What matters, is the will to know with more fidelity. This drives evolution.

If your version of science lacks the ability to accommodate the study of totality, then you need to pass the ball to your intuitive brethren. They can pass it back to you when you prove ready to resume the quest.

Politics is samsara. The actions, attitudes and desires that arise from it, are of the nature of sin. The true meaning of this “western” term, is the ignorance of our non-separation from all that is.

We humans are greater than the sum of our parts; in exact correspondence to our source.

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