The Winding Path – 052

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2014-02-03 20:14

allegro63 responding to My inside voice – Yes, I believe Jesus is divine, Jesus and God are one in the same. I, of course can’t prove it.

I would say that you can prove it.

Jesus and God are one and the same. As are we. Though, we are a tangled mess of confused identity. Jesus knows that he is God 100%. Crucifixion is what the world does to us. He passes through unfazed. Shows us how by his own being.

If not divine, what then? A meaningless bag of chemicals?

2014-02-11 18:50

Steve Greene – “If not divine, what then? A meaningless bag of chemicals?”

Otherwise known as: False dichotomy.

What is false about it?

We haven’t really come to any consensus about the term “divine” yet.

2014-02-12 11:04

Steve Greene – Are you trying to say you’ve never heard of the fallacy of false dichotomy? Seriously?

So then, “divine” or “sacred” represent a sufficiently acceptable and possible quality


I have wrongly placed this in exclusive opposition to “meaninglessness”?

My apologies. But we are obviously playing this game by different rules. I thought it made sense. At least to my satisfaction.

2014-02-12 11:15

I suppose I could have substituted “meaningful”; But from what I gather from these conversations, even this quality can not be considered to apply; The reality that science describes, being devoid of it.

However, since I am not bound by such, I will acknowledge the grandeur of it ALL, in words of my choice.  

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