The Winding Path – 051

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2014-02-11 18:00

My inside voice responding to DonRappe – My confusion: What do you mean when you say you believe that “Jesus is God”, but that he is not “a god”? There doesn’t appear to be any meaningful distinction between saying that he is God (a particular god) and saying that he is a god (in general). Jesus is the same as Yahweh, Yahweh is a god, Jesus is a god. I presume I’m missing some theological subtlety?

The term “a god” indicates one of many.

The term “God” indicates the entirety. The infinitude of singularity.

Of course these are only words, and our personal inner visualizations are going to be approximate.

The absolute reality however, is everything and nothing.

Existence and the potential to exist.

Knowable, not through the abstractions of mind and personality, but through being. i.e. Christ, Atman, Tao or Buddha nature. Why would it matter what you call it? Resolving to it, all doubt is gone.

2014-02-13 14:35

My inside voice – It seems the more we talk, the farther away from understanding we get. Are you saying that God is not a god? When Yahweh says that he is “a jealous god” or “a loving god” what does that mean? What does it mean when you say that he/it is “everything and nothing”? Are you a pantheist, then? What does that make Jesus?

I had to look up “pantheist”. I’ve usually used monist.

My background is Yoga, Vedanta, Zen, Sufism, Kabbalah etc.

At this point, when I contemplate Jesus, it is in terms of these influences. So I don’t spend a lot of time investing in the religious ornamentation and speculation accruing to him.

Ditto for Yahweh.

Reason and Inspiration dictate that God is All. Nothing is not God. Contemplation of which is the contemplation of infinitude, both as potential and, as potential expressed.

If God is All, then the self awareness that I experience, is a clue to the nature of God. If I experience this self awareness as something other than the entirety, it must be only a “trick of the light” so to speak. Something other than it seems; Not to be taken at face value.

All the threads of enquiry mentioned above, provide plenty of testimony and confirmation of the possibility, and even inevitability, of “enlightenment”. i.e. cognitive absorption with the primordial Self Awareness that is God. This is how I interpret Jesus as Christ. What the multitudes do with it is not important to me. Dualistic speculation will offer all kinds storylines; Some helpful and some not. But consider that the source of these storylines, partakes of the nature of God. Compare it to the genius evident in the dreaming mind. Humble respect is due.

As for God being Love; Consider this in the context of what I have just said. In the Sanskrit it is the “Ananda” of SatChidAnanda (Being-Consciousness-Bliss).

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