The Winding Path – 049

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2014-01-31 20:12

Gabriel Villalobos – I understand your point, but I think it misses the importance of the belief in a true God. To use your comparison with science: asking for such a change in theistic religion is like asking science to do away with math. Science is grounded on math, it is intrinsic to its production of truth-value. In this sense, a religion is based on a fundamental trust in the validity of its claims, so the idea of a relative notion of God is contradictory to the nature of religion.

After a certain point it becomes obvious that religion is not a substitute for God. It serves it’s purpose if it gets us in the ballpark. The rest is Grace.

If a person needs to think that his or her religion is the only true way, then so be it. At least for the time being. But ultimately, God is God. Ask any Saint or enlightened Yogi.


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