The Winding Path – 046

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2014-01-19 10:00

Chip – … The bit that he particularly sounds like he’s having trouble with is the notion that the universe doesn’t consider him (or anybody else) to be a Special Snowflake. It’s hard to come to grips with that realization, and it feeds into the question that believers often level at us: How is it possible to find meaning if life is ultimately meaningless? The answer to that, as has been stated in many places far more eloquently than I can manage, is to make your own meaning. …

If it is possible to make your own meaning. Then life is meaningful.

Where do you think the Self that you experience as you derives from?

A quirk of your personality chooses to limit the scope of it’s contemplation.

That this is even possible seems to go unexamined.

2014-01-19 10:23

Dave Ucannottaknow – The fact that we remain imperfect and war-like is testament that no perfect god or gods created us – as you have likely experienced, excuses are given for this conundrum, but none of them ever make good sense. Our existence serves no higher purpose other than our continued existence, and if that isn’t enough then you may want to find a way of helping others improve theirs.

Without sincere enquiry into our relationship to infinitude, the above statement makes sense in a finite sort of way.

But, take Time for instance; It is not what it seems. There is only Now.

It is said to be the same with Self.

Close your eyes if it suits you, but consider that you have done so.

2014-01-19 11:01

cipher responding to Agni Ashwin –  Sooner or later, in any school of Buddhist philosophy, with any line of reasoning based upon Buddhist teachings, one comes up against a wall of faith.

No, sooner of later one Wakes Up! At which point reason and faith have served their purpose. Nothing left to do.

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