The Winding Path – 044

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2014-01-05 09:31

Kevin Osborne – From his blog at

God is understanding, and vice versa – 12/20/20131

God is a personage. When you meet God you realize that God knows all, sees all, is all. God is the entirety.

As one understands, one sees more of God. God is the overall view, we see from within.

Yet we are each God within as well.

There is no delineation between you and God except as you choose.

Which is the same as saying, there is no delineation between you and God except as you understand.

The more exactly you understand, the better you see how you exist in this place.

Paths to understanding are many fold.

This site may be part of it if you are here.

Feel free to have a look around.


I am very glad to witness your teaching. The benefits of a discernable Samadhi can not be over rated.


2014-01-01 15:57

Without “getting” the essential paradox, people will stake out territory and defend it. This is the root of predatory relations between us.

The Singularity of infinite potential emerges as an infinite field of complementarity otherness. It’s own nature expressing as you and me. The Entirety seamlessly One.

Any definition of God that falls short of this, is doing just that.

– If it casts a shadow, it is not God.
– I and the Father are One.
– Atman and Brahman not different.
– Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form.

Take your choice or write your own. But the proof is in the pudding. The rest is politics.

Kevin Osborne – Works for me. It is a never ending source of amazement how everyone looks at it a bit differently Which is, of course, as should be expected.

Yes. The key is in the looking. Distillation of perception. Each moment clarifying the next. Until there is only Now.

Thanks for not arguing.

2014-01-03 10:28

Gabriel Villalobos – As Michael said, the fact is that the belief that one’s God is the only true God is a core tenet of many religions, and denying the right to that belief is denying religious freedom!

However, not recognizing that I am still in a holding pattern over LaGuardia and not yet in New York, means I will have to make some adjustments later when I actually land.

Religions are collections of ideas about God. Like science the process is in constant flux. Or, at least should be, if I want good results.

2014-01-03 09:47

alex responding to Kevin Osborne – Kevin, when you go from loom to the relativity to God, the degree of complexity increases. In each case, the knowledge about the facts depends on our insight into it. All the facts about God are still not in our head let alone weighing them…And, u want others to grow up….to what? to the assumption that universe is God? I believe God created the universe. I don’t believe God turned himself into the universe….My opinion.

This leaves the Universe outside of God. Upon what does it rest?

2014-01-03 09:49

Kevin Osborne responding to alex – A fair point. I should have said God manifests in this place. God is not this place. For all I know the universe is a minute subsection of God.

In the universe, though, there is a system that can be seen and when one has solved the system, things happen to one’s perspective. Good luck!

I just let Universe mean Universal. Or my current favorite word Entirety.

Existence and the potential to exist. Emergent characteristic of the Singularity.

Self Aware. The Mystery we call God.

Kevin Osborne – I like to call it “this place”.

2014-01-02 10:37

Is it really about “me” being loved?

Stepping out of that little box, Love is all there is.


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