The Winding Path – 043

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2014-01-02 9:00

OldManMontgomery – Mr. McKay, I find your comments and logic to be sadly unoriginal. Your principle objection to Christianity is ‘I don’t like it!’ Which is fair enough. You don’t have to like it. You may ‘believe’ anything you wish, if one uses ‘believe’ in the sense of grasping something one has pulled from one’s ear. You are certainly entitled to follow the groundless teachings of John Shore if you wish.

You know nothing of Christianity. “Christ is not to be found in a book.” Considering there is NO information about Jesus anywhere else than the Bible – other than the imaginations of people of your misconception – how might one know anything of Jesus at all? If the truth surrounded Jesus the Messiah is NOT in the Bible, then from where can anyone make claims of His intention or design? That’s the problem with your ‘vision’. If you care to speak again, answer this paragraph.

Mr. Montgomery,

I’m sorry that my comments have not found resonance with you. I do my best to serve and am not trying to come up with “original” ideas.

Christianity is too broad of a subject to like or dislike as a whole. Getting established in Christ is a different thing altogether.

All of my comments are addressed to that.

Though I have a broader lexicon of traditions that have influenced me. It is the earnest desire of the heart for truth that guides the way.

Knowing about the life of Jesus of Nazareth is a not hard to come by. It is the effect that the story has on one’s quest towards awareness of God that matters.

The Bible as we know it, is the work of man. Inspired or not. Groomed by Constantine for a particular effect. I prefer direct contemplation. Trusting in the same God as you to straighten out my wandering and will full way.

I am not following; only finding joy and opportunity in the relative enlightenment of the community gathered there.

Unlike most Christian circles, there are many there that at least respect my contributions. There are even others that cherish them. The result of this, is that I gain appreciation of Christian Dualism while practicing an articulation of Monism.

Where is the harm?

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