The Winding Path – 042

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2013-12-30 10:32

Rev. M. Vernon Hunt responding to Sean Rahner – Trust me, we’ve all heard the Gospel at this point, some of us hundreds of times. I doubt there’s anyone left, at least in the West, who hasn’t. We’re hardly victims, if that’s the criteria.

There are more arriving on the scene daily.

Like our treatment of the environment, we owe them quality allegories and attitude.

Religion is a new person’s first portal to the Great Way, If it is increasingly corrupted and rusted shut. We have failed them.

Failed to even greater degree than leaving dead and toxic oceans, in a world of radiated landscape.

2013-12-27 12:11

From –
8. It is much more reasonable—and certainly more compassionate—to hold that throughout history God chose to introduce himself in different ways into different cultural streams than it is to believe that there is only one correct way to understand and worship God, and that the punishment for anyone who chooses any but that way is to spend all of eternity having the living flesh seared off of his or her bones.

OldManMontgomery – More reasonable? By who’s standard? As a Christian, the only viewpoint that counts is God’s viewpoint. That ‘viewpoint’ is expressed in the Bible, which is – as noted prior – God’s message to humanity.

What is expressed in the Bible (New Testament), is the Christian storyline about man and God. There have been multitudes of interpretation. Which one do you think is God’s viewpoint?

OldManMontgomery – More compassionate? To whom? Not to mention under what definition of ‘compassion’? I find no compassion in patting someone in error on the head and say comforting words while allowing them to remain in error at the risk of Eternal Death.

How sure can you be of anothers errors? What language does he speak? What sacred metaphors resonate within?

What is Eternal Death? Is it oblivion, endless torture? Or is it just more of the same but continually degraded by blindness and ignorance?

Turning on the wheel of death and rebirth? Until the liberation of enlightenment. (To reference one of the the other equally valid storylines.)

If the nature of God is Eternal Life. How is there room for anything else? Is there Eternal Death in God?

OldManMontgomery – So let’s go along with the idea of God introducing Himself into different cultural streams in different ways. Why would introduce Himself in a totally different manner if He’s the same, Eternal God? …

Because God is not limited by relativity. To think so is to anthropomorphize.

Eternal and alone in the Singularity, yet dying on a cross to show man who he is. Or,…showing him Yoga and the awakening of Zen. The Shamans dream of healing for his people.

OldManMontgomery – … For instance, in the sub-continent which is now India, why would God decide not to be the Eternal God of Creation of the Jewish people, but instead be represented by a pantheon of conflicting gods which change over time? Why would Almighty God manifest Himself as the volcano god, demanding virgin sacrifices? Would God happily change Himself into the Great Green Arkleseizure of Viltvodle VI?

This just demonstrates the usual ethno centric blindness.

Much like the Jews assuming that they were the chosen people.

The Hindus generally have a much more liberal and tolerant understanding. Less dominated by egoism.

OldManMontgomery – Is He still God? Is He bored and just experimenting? Can He not remember who He is, from epoch to epoch?

This is just insincere, and I would say silly, except that this attitude is so common and has caused so much suffering in the world.

OldManMontgomery – The idea appeals to the ‘open-minded’ who have no ideas about who God is, or what He should be or do. …

First, I will exclaim my astonishment!…Just what should God be and do?!

Then I will have to point out that it is obvious you have never really studied either man or God. In the myopic self satisfaction that your quest is finished, you are blind to your brothers prayers. And the answers received!

The world is filled with mountains of scripture. History filled with avatars. God is never silent.

OldManMontgomery – …The concept flies in the face of the ultimate creator of the Universe and all things that exist, who is Eternal and changeless, who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent. In other words, God.

The concept that God has always been, and always will be present as our very being, does not fly in the face of anything except a foolish and self centered dogma.

OldManMontgomery – Again, not just ‘unfundamentalist’, but not very good thinking and doctrinally non Christian.

Sorry, to have to be so blunt, but Jesus was not a Bibleist. Christ is not to be found in a book.


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