The Winding Path – 041

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2013-12-22 10:00

brmckay – I do need to ask though,….what is this “he” business when referring to God? That’s pretty old school.

Anton – In all fairness, that’s not something nonbelievers invented.

Yes, I know. That was a little too specific to Bob’s comment. He was as usual making zero effort at an honest reflection on my contribution.

Habitually diminishing contemplation of God for his own purposes.

Ingenuine dialogue.

Just to clarify it for you and for him, I realize, honor and respect, that the metaphor of God the Father serves to orient the devotee. In the practice of Christianity this is a key component.

Coming from Bob though, it is just insincere sabotage. And I fell for it to no good effect.

I apologize, and also thank you for reminding me of how the Hindu tradition recognizes and accommodates the various temperaments found in the worship of God.

Friend, Lover, Father, Mother, Emptiness, Wholeness. God with attributes and without.

All ultimately serving the mature realization of Brahman. One without a second.

“I and the Father are One”. Both the finger and the Moon.

Not just the Carpenter, but you, me and Bob as well.

2012-12-19 10:45

brmckay – God, more accurately defined, would be causally related to existence. And, therefore, can not be said to exist or not exist.

Bob Seidensticker – And you believe that he does exist? If so, how can you have an opinion on a matter that has no such resolution?

Because I am a human being. I seek the freedom and joy that comes with awareness.

What I said originally, was that “for me, God is a given”. I work hard to get an accurate understanding of what that means.

It is important not to put the process into a box. Especially by deliberately setting up artificial limits to the inquiry; Whether through religious dogma or rigid empiricism.

Both religion and science have their place, but neither framework is absolute.

Like you, I am interested in results, but start from a different place using different skills. Where’s the problem?

I do need to ask though,….what is this “he” business when referring to God? That’s pretty old school. Maybe thinking in those terms is keeping you from appreciating some of my comments.

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