The Winding Path – 040

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2013-12-18 12:10

Pofarmer – The problem is, all too often, actually, most often, Gods are not thought of as conceptualizations. They are thought of as real entities that will send you to hell or bless your family or find your car keys.

Yes, this is true. But a lot of atheists that I run into seem to echo the same lack of theological maturity.

The god/s they don’t believe in are just as earth bound.

It is a different thing to say; this or that conceptualization of God is starting to fray around the edges. v.s. God does not exist.

The logical absurdity should be obvious. God, more accurately defined, would be causally related to existence. And, therefore, can not be said to exist or not exist.

Of course though, our relationship to causality does affect our ability to find car keys, experience good of bad luck etc.

What we do with that, is what this conversation should be about. The level of awareness, awe or indifference that we apply to the study of the source is ours to choose.

Free will, as it were.

However, the nature of infinitude, is what it is. Not what we say it is.

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