The Winding Path – 038

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2013-12-12 15:54

But my point was that Bob did not respect the “enlightened” and highly “reasonable” articulation put forth by Anton.

I also quibble with Christians to some degree, because of the dualistic elements of their thinking about God.

But, I have to acknowledge, that as long as there is any sense of “otherness” in my perceptions of life and the world, then God is a valid expression. To be used with the caveat that direct experience of the singularity is the ultimate Truth, and the purpose of evolution.

Christ, Samadhi, Enlightenment, Buddha mind.

Can’t be faked.  Can’t be conjured.

Only realized.

Not sure what “The problem of Hiddenness” is.

Evil is a strong word I use if for things like war, nuclear weaponry, slavery, rape etc. Yes, these are a problem.

Sin, as I see it, just translates to ignorance of the seamlessness of Self inherent in Singularity. Actions arising from that ignorance, create and perpetuate more ignorance. Along with that, suffering and identity with a self that is subject to death. It’s a form of inertia.

2013-12-12 11:41

Not getting that we are not separate, makes for endless weird projections.

It’s as simple as this…

If we dig a hole deeper, it becomes harder to see the Sky..

Dig it even deeper, we find that it is now hell.

Still not separate, but very busy with things.

The horizon of our projections, now blind the sky.

Always there’s the choice to stop digging.

Even better, start climbing.

Leaving hell unexplored.

2013-12-10 10:28

Bob Seidensticker -Without evidence, your don’t have an argument.

What I hear from you is little more than, “Imagine if you will … “

See? You have already dismissed the role that Imagination plays in the the Universe.

This is not “open ended and impeccable unknowing”.

Your inquiry will always yield the same results. Which at this point, I’m pretty sure, is the way you want it.

I have presented the “Entirety” as evidence of “God”. But for this to mean anything, it would require the application of reason, intuition, imagination and the above mentioned “unknowing” on your part.

I can’t do it for you.


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