The Winding Path – 033

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2013-10-06 11:12AM

Watchman Bob – Michael, We simply have different views of what the truth is.

I believe in a loving, merciful, forgiving Creator who loves His creation so much that He allowed His only Son to come into this wretched, hostile, deteriorating world to redeem it by voluntarily suffering and sacrificing His life for it.

I am sorry that you have such a misinformed concept of who Scripture states that Yahuah (“God”) is. In fact, it seems that you are confusing the attributes – sadistic, merciless death and destruction – of Satan with those of the one, true God. Whatever suffering in this life or after it we have to endure, we have brought on ourselves by rejecting the Lord and His sacrificial love for us and by giving ourselves over to the Evil One and our self-destructive impulses.

Where does this shadow of Evil arise from?

What sustains it?

Is God All? or not?

What parts of this millennia long, Abrahamic melodrama, keeps us distracted from the singular Truth.  “I and the Father are One.”?

Not Two.

2013-10-06 10:26AM

jesuswithoutbaggage – Watchman, this seems similar to asking what evidence we have that Mere Christianity is not inspired, or that The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is not inspired.If a person thinks a document is inspired, it seems to me that it is up to them to provide evidence. At that point, others can consider the evidence and perhaps demonstrate that the evidence is valid or is not.What is your evidence that the Bible is inspired? I am happy to interact with your evidence.

Inspiration to a crustacean, or to a humming bird?

We go with with what we know.

There is only God.

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