The Winding Path – 020

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July 30, 2013 at 8:24 am

Clarity – “The only problem with all of this is that the Logos/Word concept was sort of erroneously added to the Christian paradigm by the apologists who first used the very Hellenistic/Greek concept to explain Christianity to pagan non-believers who already were quite familiar with Logos. The original apologists hoped that by showing that Christianity was “similar” to concepts already understood the ‘strangeness’ and otherness of Christianity would give way to acceptance. Unfortunately, the explanatory comparison BECAME the representation.”


Again, the need for special handshake, trademark and copyright!

The Constantine effect?

A remedial course in dream interpretation…

Couldn’t hurt.

July 26, 2013 at 11:09 am

John Shore – “Now this is the radical moment in … well, the entire Bible. Because it declares that Jesus is the very means by which all of life is created: it is through him that all things are made. And though that’s not usually how we think of Christ–we usually associate the act of creation with the big absolute God—it’s perfectly right that we do understand Christ as the creative agent and catalyst for life. Because if you’re a Christian, you believe that Jesus is the means by which the very nature of your life is changed, is wholly recreated. It is through Jesus Christ that you are born again.”

As I process and translate the above:

“In the beginning” = Infinite Potentiality
God as absolute singularity. The Entirety.

“The Word” = “I Am” = Christ (aka. Jesus*)
Emergent Property, Creativity, Receptivity, Relativity, The primordial “Self”

Holy Ghost
Life = Self replication
God experiencing creation as you and me.
(And lest we forget, “sin”. The confusion of identity where by we think our “self” different than our neighbor’s.)

Born Again
Redemption, release, freedom, enlightenment.
Jesus as the Son of Man, unconfused, un-entangled by illusion. Knowing the Truth of Self as himself. Reveals that “self” is actually “Self” not separate.

* I’m afraid that I am still confused by the use of the Carpenter’s name at this point in the diorama. Though in religious terms, it does focus one’s attention.

July 25, 2013 at 9:04 am

I appreciate very much the points that David S. has made. It’s a rare thing that I get backup like that. (At least on the other sites that I frequent.)


I just want to add a clarification about “sin” and why I don’t go for the “heebie-jeebie” version of it.

Because we live in a hall of mirrors, confused by the foolishly consumed apple, we experience our mortal life through a prismatic array of opposites. Happiness and Sorrow. Love and Hate. Good and Evil. Birth and Death. Youth and Old age.

Our actions in this world are always relative to the polarity. Us and Them…Me and God.

If we act out of love, courage, honor, even though it be only the relative sort of virtue, the result is not slimy, does not smell even though it is still what you call “sin”.  Whether you have thought of it this way or not.

I prefer to keep the whole picture in mind and call it “ignorance”. This leaves the door open for the redemptive awakening.

There is only God.

July 24, 2013 at 2:37 pm

Brian W – ” The correct teaching of the Trinity is one God in three eternal coexistent persons (not ‘modes’ as you wrote)”

This is why I have trouble thinking of myself as Christian. Endless Bible quoting one-upmanship. (Not in your case John, that is why I listen to you.)

And there’s that word “sin”. It evokes a stench and a sense of slime.

“Ignorance” of our non-separateness in God, is the only problem that needs resolving. Knowledge of our non-separateness in God is “Christ”. This knowledge is God.

July 24, 2013 at 12:57 pm

John Shore – “Using masculine pronouns to refer to God is strictly a matter of convention, … . But God is neither male or female. God is both. God is all.”

This too, applies to Jesus as Christ.

And as the Carpenter; as with us?

The four directions, and Time.

No difference. God is all.

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