The Winding Path – 019

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23 July 2013 10:04 AM

Re: Definition of Atheist


I can’t invest the time in wading through any more threads right now. So, will say that I only followed this for a while back when you started it. I have been reading quite a lot elsewhere on CFI though, and am getting familiar with a diversity of atheist viewpoints.

Did you explain Gnosis?

What types of debate did that generate?

Did people ever get past the “straw man” version of God? I.E. Are they still using terms like “a god”, “gods”, “supernatural”, “metaphysics”, “spirit” to explain what Atheism is against?

Is the general trend against thinking in terms of relationship to the Entirety? And related to this, is there any sign of openness to the possibility that “Self awareness” is a universal constant?

I have returned from the land of the “Abrahamic folks”. There, as here, the work was about improving the quality of the conceptualization of God. One that doesn’t have to be merely “believed in” or “not believed in” as the case may be.

Once people step out of theological adolescence into the realm of wisdom. The process of awakening picks up a head of steam. The polarization begins to seem foolish. No matter what words are used to describe the coherence of it all.

There are some voices here that echo this. Others voices seem stubbornly attached to the politics. And of course the letterhead on all the stationary has already been printed.

Perhaps the current Wikipedia article should stand as it is. Maybe in time it will seem like a quaint artifact, along with articles on the elaborate mythologies that percolated out of Flatland. Before we Knew!

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