The Winding Path – 018

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24 Jul 2013 4:58 pm

Re: Atheist with questions about Buddhism

I am not a Buddhist but have been influenced by it, especially by Zen practice.

In it’s purest form Buddhism is a non-theistic religion. For the Buddha though, it was about enquiry and enlightenment.

Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form. How are you with paradoxes?

It’s about experience, not ideas. The finger pointing at the Moon is not the Moon.

Of course, when you “Awaken”, calling yourself an Atheist will seem a little silly.

24 Jul 2013 4:27 pm

Re: My views on atheism and religion

I’m wondering if this Atheism pertains strictly to what you call belief in “gods” or “a god”? These terms indicate a finite phenomena. Something that casts a shadow. Any beliefs, storylines or theologies would be equally incomplete, foolish and off the mark.

The only rational conceptualization of God has to be the Entirety.

Infinite Potentiality…Existence and the potential to exist… A paradox…

The sole question then would be: Is the Emergent Characteristic of this Infinite Potentiality, “Self Awareness”; The prototype of what you experience as “I am”?

If a god casts a shadow it is not God. Why build a church to it?  But, also, why waste time not believing in it?

2013-07-22 12:44 pm

dallasbri – “I have never been able to accept the notions of a God as
presented in the religion I was raised in. “

I am always frustrated when people leap to Atheism at this point. It would be so much more sane to just improve your conceptualization of God.

First step would be to catch yourself when you use terms like “a God”.

The most rational conception of God has to be in terms of the Entirety.

Saying “a God” means you are leaving room for something else.

This meditation can ripen over a lifetime. It is a skill that is perfected with practice.

The seamlessness of our involvement is that “something in the universe” that you instinctually seek.

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