The Winding Path – 016

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2013-07-15 4:59 pm

Re: Ask a Unitarian Universalist

CR89er – “You belong to a cult (yes, a cult) that denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. We Catholics will pray for you that you may one day learn and grow enough to come to the fullness of Truth which is the Catholic Church. Peace be with you.”

I’m pretty sure that this example of “self declared righteousness” is why they deliberately start from a common ground.

Individuals within UU are free to build upon the shared base. I would say, guided by God, but that’s just me.

This freedom from a standardized dogma helps them avoid the kind of “sin” that you have just demonstrated.

Peace be with you as well.

2013-07-15 3:42 pm

Re: Ask a Hare Krsna a question

My understanding is that the spiritual practice of Bhakti Yoga, as practiced by Vaishnavas, does not aim for Unity with God. Rather, remaining in an increasingly more absorbed devotion to God.

This should resonate with Christians since, except for some of the saints, they seem to emphasize the Creator and Creation separation even into Heaven.

Do I have this right?

What is your understanding, of Moksha?

2013-07-13 9:07 pm

Re: What does Jesus mean in Luke 17:21?

“CrispSnowflake – ‘Neither shall they say: Behold here, or behold there. For lo, the kingdom of God is within you.’-Luke 17:21

What does Jesus mean when He says “the kingdom of God is within you?”

That sort of sounds like Buddhist philosophy where one searches for nirvana inside oneself.”

How can God be any more or less outside than inside?

Being the infinite Entirety, there can be no distinction.

This also helps me understand. “I and the Father are One”.

2013-07-13 8:43 pm

Re: Reincarnation – How do I refute this?

Apologia100 – “That may be because we as Catholics believe in an absolute Truth and Moral standard. Truth does not vary from one cultural context to the next, although our perception of that truth may be different. God did not create one set of rules for us as Christians, another set for Jews, another for Muslims, and yet another for Hindus (not to mention Buddist, Siehks, American Indians, Pagans, atheists, and so on and so forth). God gave us a single moral standard, and we either comply or don’t, ‘I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life,’ and ‘If you are not with me, you are against me.’ “

The beauty of the kharma/reincarnation paradigm is that it integrates the “Judgement” aspect of fate, into the immediate Here and Now. The individual “Soul” creates his or her own destiny through awareness and choice. If actions of thought and deed are undertaken in ignorance of God, you get “sin”. If you are inspired by knowledge of the Truth to align with the infinite God, your actions serve your redemption. Preparing the way for enlightenment and ultimate “Salvation”, Moksha, Nirvana, Heaven.

You are right in saying that God has not created a different Truth for different cultures. We may emphasize different things and use different terminology, but the Truth simply is. It is born from infinite potentiality. The primordial “I Am”. The eternal Now.

2013-07-13 3:24 pm

Re: Reincarnation – How do I refute this?

RobedWithLight – “Reincarnation simply says that after death, we come back by being born in a new body, which is basically some form of cosmic recycling.

This doctrine is very attractive and soothing to many people because it satisfies and ensures the basic human longing for immortality while avoiding judgment and an eternal hell.”

It is pretty common to talk authoritatively about another religion’s paradigm when you need to refute it to bolster your own. I consider it dishonest unless you clarify with a disclaimer that you are talking down the competition, and, don’t mean it to be taken literally.

Reincarnation is not a source of “comfort”. It is a condition of being trapped in the cycle of Birth and Death. The world of opposites. Being subject to the illusion that the body/mind that dies is ourself. Knowing only a life of attachments, for or against, this or that. One’s experience determined by the cause and effect of kharma.

Living in ignorance of the un-divided, infinite, eternal singularity that is the True Reality.The True Self.

In general Christian terms it equates (IMO) to exile from the Garden. Having eaten from the fruit of the tree of “Good and Evil”. The need to wear a fig leaf.

This condition is something to evolve out of, through spiritual practice. Then by arriving at enlightenment, regaining the original, undivided relationship with God (Buddhists call it realizing Buddha nature or Nirvana). Thus gaining release from the delusion of otherness. True Freedom.

This is a very general description of my take on it. But it is offered in an honest attempt to inform. I would ask others to also be fair.

2013-07-12 12:36 pm

Hello to all here on the Catholic Answers Forum,

I am not specifically Christian, but have reverence for Jesus. Mainly through intuitive understanding and therefore am a little fuzzy in the details. I like it this way, but am often not on the same page as many Christians.

I’ve always felt an affinity for Catholics and my wife was raised in the church. She has many fine qualities that I attribute to the foundations laid by my in-laws who still practice.

I have always admired religious professionals, (monks and nuns as well as yogis, zen masters), and listen carefully for signs of enlightenment.

In counterpoint to the above, I also try to raise the level of theological integrity wherever it seems needed. This takes the form of debate or sometimes just cryptic and koan like utterances.

I do hope to learn from the wise among you and will try to admit, and even relish, discovering my errors. From this we approach Truth.

Thank you.

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