The Winding Path – 013

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07-09-13, 11:50 AM

Maxmus – “The ‘writings’ of Islam are a political manifest necessary to justify tribal actions in war. There are no similarities.”

Careful, a lot of the Old Testament does seem similarly motivated.

07-09-13, 11:29 AM

pvb – “There is absolutely no paper trail like we have for the Holy Bible. A man named Uthman consolidated notes that had been collected randomly by Mohammad’s companions. Uthman then burned all the original notes.”

And isn’t it wonderful, now that we’ve found the Nag Hammadi Library? What a relief!

But, I wonder why they were hidden in that cave.

07-09-13, 11:05 AM

Bob Carabbio – “That’s Kind of a meaningless issue, of course. There IS only ONE GOD, and there is NO OTHER. Case closed.”

Excellent! Right on track. … and then…

Bob Carabbio – “So since Christianity serves the God of the Bible, arguably Islamics serve NO god at all – just their own conceptual ‘idol’.”

He runs right off the rails.

And so it goes. Round and around.

No one owns God. God doesn’t even own God. God just is.

“Love God with all your Heart, Mind and Soul. And your Neighbor as yourself” is the whole of the Law.

07-08-13, 04:37 PM

There is only God.

No matter what stories we tell ourselves.

“YHWH”, “Allah”, “Brahman” “Infinite Eternal Entirety”. Just words.

Tao Te Ching – “The Tao that can be named is not the eternal Tao.”

Jesus – “… first cast out the beam out of your own eye; and then shall you see clearly to cast out the speck out of your brother’s eye.”

07-08-13, 03:33 PM

chtek – “George: – – – After all of that, it is the same being who created the worlds regardless of His name. I can agree with the Muslims on that; it His character that we must disagree on, right ?”

If by “character” you mean something other than “Infinite Potentiality”, I’m confused.

I wonder if the singular and essential point about Jesus, is that he did not anthropomorphize God.
07-08-13, 03:15 PM

I was going to point out that your religion was casting a shadow and therefore was not true Religion.

But then you said this:

Sean Stewart – “What is astoundingly clear in the Gospel is that the same people that believe God always will believe in Christ (God with us.)”

Which distracted me from my task, since you have just given me some new words to describe the “Brahman” and “Atman” paradox. Though I might replace the word “believe” with “know” and perhaps contemplate what constitutes “Gospel”.

Thank you. I’ll wait and see what else I learn.

07-08-13, 02:57 PM

chtek – “- – – I would only say that the names may be different, but I think both Muslims and the Judeo-Christian creator God are the same God, except that both groups have different concepts of what His character is like and how He has arranged for the salvation of sinners. This is the question of paramount importance, between Bible-believing Christians vs. Catholics and Muslims and Hindus and many other religions.”

Ultimately, no matter how any of us conceives of it, there is only God. The Way of knowing God, like a mountain, broad at the base and the opposite sides far apart.

We can stay at the bottom, or…go see … what the top is like.

07-08-13, 02:45 PM

chtek – “- – – I want to add that Catholics are not Christians, except in name only. Their doctrines are such that they must be excluded from being accepted as Christians, that is, Bible-believing evangelical Christians. There is a big difference..”

If one were inclined to make a “similar” declaration, they could say that “Bible-believing evangelical Christians” are not Christians, but instead call them Biblests.

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