The Winding Path – 012

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07-08-13, 02:05 PM

There is only one Guru, y’all.

Distinctions and separation is samsaara.

07-08-13, 01:51 PM

As a god that casts a shadow is not God, so with the Guru.

As for religion,if you are in a small wooden boat on the Great Sea, and you meet another pilgrim in a boat of his own, do you condemn him for a difference in it’s design?

For every plank you try to remove from his, one must be removed from your own.

07-08-13, 01:30 PM

EJM – “My feeling from reading this forum for some time is that when persons who follow the vedic writings seem to try and link Jesus with their system, it is always a made up Jesus with different words and ideas and much of His own words as written in scripture is disregarded.”

When it comes to understanding God, nursery rhymes will only go so far.

…”different words”, … “scripture is disregarded”!?  Time to leave the third grade. How long has it been now?

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