The Winding Path – 011

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07-06-13, 07:07 PM

bigthinker – “What you are talking about is being. The rest of us call it being and see no reason to also call being ‘God’.
There really isn’t anything special about it. We are self aware.”

Not special …as in …. before enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water. After enlightenment, chopping wood and carrying water?

Or, as in …. big deal if the butterfly knows how to get to Mexico?

“We are self aware”… but is it a hall of mirrors, or a watermelon?

07-06-13, 06:48 PM

To grok the infinite. Wouldn’t seem to get much more “deep”. But what is left to compare it to?

Who is left to do the comparing?

Unknowable because knower and the known are not different.

Talking around the paradox makes the world go round, but uses a lot of bandwidth.
07-06-13, 06:06 PM

Whatsisface – “…to say that there is a God…”

You’ll get better results thinking in terms of “…God is…” . rather than “…there is a God…”. The latter leaves room for something else.

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