The Winding Path – 010

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07-03-13, 06:09 PM

Sorry, but I will rest my case. Nothing that you have said actually addresses anything that I have said with honest intent.

07-03-13, 12:23 PM

I left out the IMO because you set that precedent.

Here is an example of your own “assertion without evidence”.

JamesTheLesser – “Men must obey the gospel, like it or not”

As for:

brmckay – “A god that casts a shadow is not God”

This could not be more true or more self evident.

and your reply:

JamesTheLesser – “Statement meaning nothing. Unless of course you care to clarify.”

Means what? You disagree with the above, or you can’t wrap your head around it? Problem is that, this is the foundation of any further statements I might make.


brmckay – “No matter how it reads in the Old Testament.”

Which you then treat as a stand alone statement. Because your foundation is the Bible.

JamesTheLesser – “However, if one can read the OT in any way, no matter how, I would think anything is possible, including my reading of it, or your reading of it. It becomes rather meaningless.”

It becomes meaningless in the absence of intelligence, intuition, sincerity. A relative and subjective reading is the only possibility. Unless, of course, you are the type of person, willing to assert your way of reading it as the only way. In which case, my “Ad hominem attack” becomes an accurate description (now having evidence). Though I might consider replacing “smug” with “self righteous”. IMO

Not being versed in Bible quotations I will defer to the beautiful collection provided by Davitor:

“the Father is in me, and I in the Father”
–Jesus, John 10:38
“I and the Father are one.”
–Jesus, John 10:3
“the Father is greater than I”
–Jesus, John 14:28
“For in [God] we live and move and have our being.”
–Acts 17:28
“I am the light that is over all things. I am all: from me all came forth, and to me all attained. Split a piece of wood; I am there. Lift up the stone, and you will find me there.”
–Jesus, Thomas 77
“Christ is all, and is in all”
–Paul, Colossians 3:11

In my opinion, this is where you should have acknowledged the soundness of his insight and seized the opportunity to hear him out.

From this I will repeat, a god that casts a shadow is not God. Superfluous clarification; The Entirety, The Emergent Characteristic of Infinite Potential, Neither existing or not-existing. Unknowable because the knower and what is know are not separate. Om

7-02-13, 12:53 PM

MarkUK – “People have been reading Revelation and warning about end-times since… the publication of Revelation. There is absolutely no reason to think we’re any closer to the end-times now than at any other point since Revelation appeared in print.”

End of Time! What could that possibly be?

On the other hand, fracking, nuclear arsenals, endless war, oil spills, religious fundamentalism, rampant materialism, gun fetishism, military industrial complex, drug addiction, narco states, sexualization of children, pornography…, Did I mention fracking?

The list is endless because we are born from Infinity but live with out heads up our ass.

End of Time? Not likely, but end of a “Homely Home” for the children’s children’s children. A given.

No matter if we don’t “Sell ourselves short”, use our “God-like powers” and world sustaining “awareness”. What are we likely to do with it?

Hard core Bibelists will say that it doesn’t matter because “the end is neigh”. They and their friends are off to heaven. The rest of us off to hell.

Hard core atheistic scientists mix and match genetic material without the least humility or concern that they don’t understand the “Big Picture” first. The relationship of Self and DNA. The suffering of the pasted together “sentient” creatures that they throw together just to see what will happen.

Who is taking responsibility for the hell we create here? What does taking responsibility mean?

Lets start with an honest curiosity about the world, about God, about ourselves. Drop the tribal warfare stuff. Drop the mindless parroting and the arrogant self justifications.

End of Time! What could that possibly be? Suggested answer….Enlightenment….but how’s our kharma shaping up?

07-02-13, 11:35 AM

JamesTheLesser – “It does tell me all I need to know, yes. I did not draw any line, God did. Men must obey the gospel, like it or not.”

I’m sorry, but Davitor’s understanding of God is closer to what Jesus pointed to.

You on the other hand have done Jesus the injustice of turning him into a deity. Or worse, something akin to a concentration camp guard.

You are also quite smug about being in the “club”. But the gang you represent is your own creation.

A god that casts a shadow is not God. No matter how it reads in the Old Testament.

07-01-13, 04:11 PM

Zacha – “One aspect of yoga is the belief ‘in self’. The bible teaches us we should not be ‘of self’,…”

Not correct.

The single point of Yoga is to gain insight into the confusion of identity that we experience as ‘ego’ (ahamkara the ‘I maker’). The self that knows itself in relationship to ‘otherness’.

Then, through practice, gain freedom from the entanglements that precipitate from this false ‘self’. The resulting freedom of enlightenment is the true ‘Self’ (God, Brahman, Shunyata). Infinite, Eternal, Undivided, Unknowable.

Zacha – “…but of an Almighty God and Saviour that gives us the power to overcome through prayer and meditation to Him.”

As I said above.

Zacha – ” He teaches us that we should have no other gods, neither worship golden images…which also includes simulating them.”

This would be resolving the problem of ‘otherness’. Or as I have been saying recently. Realizing God from whom no shadow is cast.

Zacha – “If you look into the history of the various types of Yoga, it becomes very apparent that they are not in keeping with christian beliefs.”

The more purely practiced both paths become, the less this statement is true.

Zacha – “P.s. No it has nothing to do with witchcraft, but ancient idols yes.”

Idols representing aspects of Brahman (God) serve as aids in concentration and contemplation for various sects of Hinduism, much like ‘Jesus on the Cross’, or the ‘Madonna and Child’. Yoga is it’s own school, more akin to philosophy. Nothing to do with idols.

07-01-13, 02:57 PM

Just amazing!

First I want to applaud HumbleThinker for his intelligence, patience and wisdom.

Thank you jennieblue22 for your historical perspective and your steady assertion of the truth. “…, NO parts of it are demonic or anti-God.”

The foolish declarations on the part of spokenword, that Yoga is demonic and the work of satan, resembles exactly the thing he decries.

If spokenword and others of his or her ilk were to look with honest hearts and minds into the matter, they would discover that practice of Yoga, in sincere spiritual quest, will help them arrive at a relationship to God that casts no shadows. Thus saving them from the kind of sinful, ignorant, self righteous judgement of their brothers and sisters demonstrated here.

07-01-13, 02:24 PM

spokenword – “Never met a Christian that didn,t want to share their testimony. I guess there is a first in everything. LOL!!”

He is sharing it but your ears are full of wax.

Your testimony is about the wax in your ears.

The standards that you apply to Christianity are impaired by the wax in your ears.

You will go on like this until you get the wax out.

You will not serve God very well until you do.

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