The Winding Path – 009

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06-28-13, 10:53 AM

Arnold – “Seems like we all share in a larger awareness that has the power to allow this world to be. … to quote my original post

Yes, you did say that too. I’m sorry to have glossed over it just to make a point. It was not fair. I’m hoping not to compound the injustice by also being wrong or inaccurate in other ways. Always a possibility.

I am grateful that you stuck your neck out by starting this thread.

06-27-13, 01:52 PM

If the original statement by this guy Tolle was intended to reference “Awareness” as a singularity, seamlessly precipitating like light through a hall of mirrors, I would say Yea!

But I don’t know this because Arnold’s retelling of it makes it about something “he” now owns that makes “him” important.

Religions get their start this way. To varying degrees. “Misunderstood parroting of someone elses enlightenment”.

Occam – “The world is there whether I’m aware of it or not, and my job is to become and remain aware of the world.”

This bothers me in a different way. Does the world include the awareness you refer to as yourself? Your description makes it seem like “you” are just along for the ride. Or is this just a convention of speech? How deep does it run?

06-27-13, 01:13 PM

Attachment to “you” and “we” makes this “awareness” the same old same old.

The “I” that thinks such things as, “I have God-like power”, doesn’t.

06-27-13, 01:05 PM

What sort of god casts a shadow?

Can’t be God if it does.

06-27-13, 12:25 PM

backup – “If you guys can’t come up with a clear definition of what you mean by God and good evidence of its existence there is no reason to keep going through the motions.”

Ok, lets see if this fits.

God is Existence and the Potential to Exist.

My left shoe exists. Therefore God exists.

06-26-13, 12:25 PM

Diana45987 – “If” God exists. Atheists better be very afraid.

Afraid of what? Being eaten by Tigers or getting Dengue fever? This world is about predation and prey. Attraction and aversion. Love and Hate. Fear comes with the package. Just listen to the news.

Not believing in God is just a variation on a theme. The counterpoint to believing in God. Doesn’t change God in any way.

I would suggest replacing belief/disbelief with knowing. Then, there is no place for the Tiger to bite.

06-26-13, 11:04 AM

ChelVanin – ” If everything that exists counts as a being a god, then gods really do exist and I’m a theist.”

Now you’re (almost) talking!

The only reasonable definition of God has to be the Entirety. Any intermediaries are only pretenders to the throne. (The test is whether they cast a shadow.)

It is about infinity/singularity or it’s just passing gas.

But, I don’t understand the need to split things up into pieces when talking about God. Consider the following revision as more coherent and, in theory, acceptable to all parties.

If everything that exists counts as being God, then I’m a theist.”

I would then have to amend this to include the infinitude of probability from which all that exists emerges, and Voila!.

This is not rocket science folks.

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